Continual Pro Development

CPD points at LFCA Masterclass Sessions

Most of our Masterclass sessions, which take place on Monday evenings at SCORE Centre, carry CPD (Continual Professional Development) points. Check this website when a session is approaching for information regarding this.

Although the Masterclass sessions are open to all LFCA members whether they require CPD points or not, these points (measured in hours) are necessary for all coaches to maintain their coaching certificate status.

The points earned for each session may vary in that each session will cover its own range of levels – some for Levels 1-2 and some for Levels 3-4.

We will endeavor to announce this on the website before each Masterclass session

How to attend and gain CPD points:

If you wish to attend an LFCA Masterclass session please notify membership Secretary Alan Jackett ( prior to the date and provide us your FA Licensed Coaches Club number.
Or if you applying via the London FA website there will be instructions to email Neil Fowkes on neil.fowkes@londonfa.  Following the session, and you signing the register on the evening, we will confirm your attendance with FA Learning.

As well as being a London Football Coaches Association member you must also be a member of the FA Licensed Coaches Club (this replaced FACA last year)
1.   Join as member with us – London Football Coaches Association. See application form on this website
2.   Ensure you are an FA Licensed Coaches Club member.

You can join the FA Licensed Coaches Club by following this link.

You may also be asked for an up to date CRB and Emergency Aid Certificates
and also:
The application will require you knowing your FAN. If you don't know this you can obtain it by following this link

Coaches who wish to retain their licence will have to join the new organisation (FA Licensed Coaches Club).In order to join coaches must have:
•   Minimum Level 1 Coaching Certificate.
•   In date FA Safeguarding Children Certificate
•   In date FA Emergency Aid Certificate
•   CRB Check
•   A commitment to a minimum level of CPD each year based on the following:

Qualification Level Minimum CPD How Often
Level One    3 hours Yearly
Level Two    5 hours Yearly
Level Three  5 hours Yearly
Level Four    5 hours Yearly
Level Five     5 hours Yearly