Football Tactics Planner Pro


We are happy to review two coaching planners from our sponsors as follows:-

Football Tactics Planner Pro
This is the larger of the two Planners which has as usual the pitch shown in green with white pitch markings set out on the spacious number of pages. What is unusual however is that each page is made up of a material which allows you to write out what you want by use of the special marker pen and when you have finished with it you can wipe it off.
The pen is supplied with the planner.

Football Planner
The second planner is smaller and of standard type, but the features are not only the pitch again shown in green with white pitch markings, but there is room for notes down the side. It is a two pages planner and there are small sections below the pitch on the one page and two smaller pitches on the other with greater room for notes.
This is also supplied with a pen.

Both are obtainable direct from our sponsors.

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