Sir Walter Winterbottom

The London Football Coaches Association, the largest and oldest county coaching association in the country, was formed in 1963 by Sir Walter Winterbottom, England’s first ever manager.

Walter was a visionary who fully understood the value of coaching in raising playing standards at all levels.

Founded over forty years ago, the LFCA is the oldest and largest county coaching association in the country.  Under the Chairmanship of Alex Welsh who took over from Bob Wilson in 2006, its mission is to be the leading regional body for the continuing professional development of football coaches in the country.  In order to achieve this the LFCA wishes to  provide a service that blends coach education and coach development so that coaches in London have the best possible opportunity of fulfilling their potential and in turn improve playing standards at all levels.

From the beginning there has always been a strong relationship between the FA and LFCA.  Courses such as the FA Preliminary Coaching award were delivered by the LFCA in an attempt to qualify more coaches.  And throughout its history it has brought up and coming coaches into contact with some of the leading lights of the game working at the highest levels such as Sir Alf Ramsey, Bobby Robson, Allen Wade, Joe Mercer, Dario Gradi, John Cartwright, Bob Wilson, Jackie Goodwin and John Lyall.